Americans have baseball--the Swiss have Jass. It's not a sport, but it's a game that every Swiss person knows how to play. And the cards are soooo pretty!

It is an unspoken expectation that every Swiss citizen above the age of twelve knows how to play "Jass". This important skill could be called upon at a moment's notice at any social gathering.

In character, "Jass" is similar to Euchre, a card game played in the US. Not surprisingly, many small towns in the United States that have a Swiss heritage also have Euchre clubs tournaments. Euchre is played with the traditional French playing cards, but the Swiss, ever different, have their own "Jass" cards.

Keen on joining us to play "Jass": Just contact us here. No worries if you don't know the rules or have not played in a long time. You can always read up here (German): http://www.jassregeln.ch or here (English):http://www.pagat.com/jass/swjass.html.